ICANtalk online: Nuclear Colonialism

Talking with Leona Morgan.
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Indigenous peoples are the primary victims of uranium mining, nuclear waste disposal and nuclear testing. Most of the test sites are located on/under indigenous land; 70% of the world’s uranium mining currently takes place on indigenous territory. The consequences are contaminated water, uninhabitable land, the sealing off of holy sites, health hazards from radiation exposure, and much more. This targeted disproportionate destruction of indigenous land and the oppression of indigenous peoples in order to maintain the nuclear production process is also called nuclear colonialism.

New Mexico 2020: The largest temporary US nuclear waste repository is to be built in the southeast of the state. Once approved, the facility would hold up to 100,000 tons of highly radioactive waste – more nuclear waste than currently exists in the entire country. Indigenous communities and People of Color will be particularly affected by possible consequences for the environment and health.

„We see this as environmental racism and perpetuating nuclear colonialism that is going to result in a continuation of a slow genocide“ – Leona Morgan

With Leona Morgan (Diné/Navajo; pronouns: she/her), indigenous community organizer and activist against nuclear colonialism, we talk about her current struggle, the impact of uranium mining on the Navajo, what nuclear colonialism is exactly and what it actually has to do with environmental racism. We also look forward to your questions!

The online talk will take place over Zoom. We send you instructions a few days prior to the Icantalk.