Online Discussion: Atomic Bombings

Suzuka Nakamura (Know Nukes Tokyo, Nagasaki), Akira Kawasaki (Peace Boat + ICAN, Tokyo), and Yuumi Sato (HOPe, Hiroshima) will be the featured speakers at our upcoming online event, which is part of our Nuclear Survivors campaign.

We are thrilled to host these inspiring individuals who will share their insights on the atomic bombings and their aftermath. Each speaker is related to different organizations in Japan. 

Know Nukes Tokyo is at the forefront of a civilian movement in Tokyo. Their current efforts focus on conducting interviews with Japanese politicians to understand their perspectives on nuclear disarmament, as well as fostering online dialogues about Hibakusha stories. Peace Boat, a Japan-based international NGO, is dedicated to promoting peace, human rights, and sustainability. The organization conducts its primary activities through a passenger ship that voyages around the world. Meanwhile, HOPe, the Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace, is committed to advancing the Hiroshima Initiative—a proposal aimed at achieving a world free from nuclear weapons.

The event will adopt a human library concept, providing a platform for personal and professional stories. We encourage active participation, but, of course, attentive listening is equally appreciated. 

We look forward to your involvement! Kindly register through the form on our website or send an email to