Uranium Mining – Who Profits, Who Suffers?

Nuclear Weapons do not come out of nowhere. The radioactive materials that are needed to build them are produced across the world – primarily in nuclear-weapons-free states. So too in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the uranium for the Manhattan project was mined. After exploiting and poisoning workers and the environment for decades, the mine was officially closed in 2004. Still, anti-nuclear activism in the DRC is far from over, as the global threat of nuclear war and the potential reopening of the mines loom.

This ICAN talk online welcomes Rodrigue Muganwa Lubulu from the DRC, where he is an anti-nuclear activist and project director of CRISPAL Afrique – an organization that informs about and advocates for the control of small and light weapons. He will speak to us about Uranium mining and important steps toward nuclear disarmament. The event will consist of a 20-30min presentation which will be followed by a Q&A.

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