Qazaq Nuclear Chain: From Uranium Extraction and Nukes Testings to Disarmament

Join us this Sunday for a compelling online discussion, „Qazaq Nuclear Chain: From Uranium Extraction and Nukes Testings to Disarmament“ where Yerdaulet Rakhmatulla (STOP) and Medet Suleimen (STOP & FES Kazakhstan), experts and activists deeply engaged with Kazakhstan’s nuclear heritage, will guide us through the complex world of nuclear policy and its far-reaching implications on international relations.

Our speakers will share invaluable insights into Kazakhstan’s nuclear legacy, exploring its role in uranium mining, the Soviet uranium program, and the effects of nuclear testing on public health and climate. They will spotlight movements like the the Nevada-Semey anti-nuclear movement and delve into the broader nuclear legacy, examining its implications for disarmament, proliferation, and nuclear justice.

The discussion will also delve into the complex web of foreign policy involving Russia, the USA, and Kazakhstan. Uncover the nuclear approach from a foreign policy perspective, discussing rumors, secret deals, and strategic alignments, all while shedding light on Kazakhstan’s efforts in global nuclear policy.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from experts and activists deeply engaged with Kazakhstan’s nuclear heritage. Engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of nuclear policy and foreign influence.

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Learn about the speakers:

Yerdaulet Rakhmatulla is a Kazakh emerging global security expert and peace & justice advocate. He is the Co-Founder of Steppe Organization for Peace (STOP), the first Central Asian youth-led initiative for nuclear justice, representing the voices of his generation at UN high-level conferences and working groups. Yerdaulet has actively collaborated with prominent organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, CTBTO, IAEA, and others on more than 30 national and global projects. Currently, he serves as a Member of the Nuclear Security Delegation for the Future to the 2024 International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS), a youth delegation of high-potential technical and policy experts. Yerdaulet’s work focuses on advancing inclusive nuclear security policy-making. Furthermore, as a Hungaricum Scholar at Ludovika – University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary, Yerdaulet leads a research project centered on AI governance and safety.

Medet Suleimen is a graduate of the Politics and Security MA Program 2013 from OSCE Academy. He has been working since 2014 as a Programme Officer for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Kazakhstan’s Office in Almaty. He manages projects in the fields of peace and security policy and youth policy. Medet co-coordinated a project of the translation of Mrs. Togzhan Kassenova’s book “Atomic Steppe: How Kazakhstan Gave Up the Bomb” into the Kazakh language and organized the launch of the Kazakh version of the book in Astana, Semey and Almaty. In addition, he co-organized two schools on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament in Kazakhstan. He also has  been invited to participate in the Second Meeting of States Parties (2MSP) to the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) which was held at the United Nations in New York from 27 November to 1 December 2023 as part of the civil society delegation and co-organized a side event of Kazakhstan’s nuclear legacy.