Talk: Health, Food Security and Nuclear War

The use of nuclear materials for weapons and power is intimately connected to human and environmental health. In the Philippines this topic has gained special relevance in recent years: As the governments of other countries are withdrawing from nuclear power, the Philippines are considering developing a nuclear power program, a fact that is deeply concerning in a country affected frequently by natural disasters. In the realm of nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapons free state in the vicinity of both China and the Korean Peninsula could be hard-hit by a fallout from a nuclear conflict in the region.

This ICANtalk online features Dr. Angelina P. Galang. She is the president of “Green Convergence”, a coalition of green networks in the Philippines where she represents the Philippine Network of Educators for the Environment. Through her work she has links to both advocacy work against nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The event will consist of a 20-30min presentation which will be followed by a Q&A.

Sign-Up: Health, Food Security, Nuclear War