Grafik: Nuke Free Europe

Online Event II: A Roadmap to End Nuclear Sharing

In Conversation with EU Parliamentarians

On Monday June 28th 18.30-20.00 CEST we will be having an open conversation on the topic of nuclear disarmament with four parliamentarians from EU nuclear sharing states:

  • Karl-Heinz Brunner (SPD – Germany)
  • Jasper van Dijk (Socialistische Partij – Netherlands)
  • Kris Verduyckt (Vooruit – Belgium)
  • Kathrin Vogler (Die Linke – Germany)

We aim to talk about different strategic approaches for parliamentarians, governments and civil society actors to promote an end to nuclear sharing.

What might our next steps be, what are the obstacles in tackling NATO´s nuclear deterrence strategy and how can EU states can work together to end nuclear sharing?

If you would like to attend this meeting, please sign up using the following link:

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